Where do I install my Air Scale?

Air Scale T-fittings should be installed between the height control valve and the air bags on each axle group.

AIR_SCALE_INSTALLED(3)It is important that the sensors are installed on the correct side of the height control valve in order to determine weight. If the sensor is installed on the wrong side of the valve it will read pressure coming from the air tank and will not provide accurate readings.

We recommend installing 6-8 inches from the air bag. You may want to leave enough slack in the
line to reattach the air line should the fitting ever be removed.

We also recommend installing on the driver's side. This makes it easier to get readings from the sensor from inside the cab.

For Extended Air Scale, the union tee would go in the same location described above. Then the hose would be run up to the front of the trailer to whatever is the most convenient attachment point for the bulkhead fitting.

Start by finding the air bag on the equipment you wish to install and drain the air from your air

Clean the dirt from the air line where you wish to install your tee fitting. Use a sharp blade or sheers to make a cut in the air line, cutting as straight as possible to ensure a good seal in the fitting.

Position the tee fitting so the sensor is facing upward and won't be resting against any metal. Push the cut ends of the air line into either side of the tee fitting until they click into a locked position.

Once this is done the installation is complete. Start the truck and let the height control valves inflate the air bags.


Watch our Air Scale Installation Guide Video!


Air Scale Installation FAQ's


There is more than one line going into the top of the airbag. Which one do I install on?

Generally, it will be the line that goes into the airbag valve from the side.

Can I put the air scale between air bags, or does it have to be by the leveling valve?

Yes, you can put the Air Scale on any air line that is on the air bag side leveling valve and is pressurized the same as the air bags.


Does it matter which tandem it's on?

No, it doesn't matter. We usually recommend it being on the forward axle just for proximity to the driver, but ease of access to the hose it probably more important.

Do I need to install one on the front (steer axle)?

No. Most tractors don't have air ride on the steer, and we can accurately estimate the steer weight in relation to the drive axle changes.


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