Running Ag Exempt with BIT ELD

Tips for using BIT ELD when you qualify for the agricultural exception to HOS regulations

BIT ELD doesn't have a built-in Ag Exception feature, but we do have a quick and easy way for drivers to start using their ELD when going outside of the 150-mile radius.

Link to the FMCSA guidance on the Ag Exception, in case you want to check the rules: The “Agricultural Commodity” Exception in 49 CFR 395.1(k)(1) to the Hours of Service Regulations | FMCSA (

Indicate Personal Use while exempt

Since drivers have to leave the ELD plugged in, and sometimes must explain jumps on odometer readings in their logs, we recommend that Ag Exempt drivers use Personal Conveyance (PC) while inside the 150-mile radius.

Indicating PC before driving will prevent any On Duty hours or Driving events to be recorded in your logs, but location, odometer, and other important data will still be collected during that time.

Switch to on-duty Driving

When you cross the 150-mile radius line, you must begin using your ELD to create logs and follow the HOS rules. You can make this switch without stopping your vehicle by using the quick change duty status buttons at the bottom of the Available Hours page of the BIT app.