Driving Status Check

Use the Driving Status Check popup to set Personal Use or Yard Move before you hit 5 miles per hour

When your BIT ELD detects the vehicle is moving and you are in a non-driving status, the Blue Ink Tech app will pop up a warning. We added this feature to help drivers who are moving parking spots and don't want to get put on Driving accidentally if they go over 5 mph.

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So how does the Driving Status Check work, and how should you use it?

If you are going to be Driving normally

You don't need to do anything at all. The ELD will put you on Driving when you hit 5mph anyway.

If you need to use PC or YM

Tap the special status you need. This will add the indication to your logs, and when you hit 5mph the automatic status will be the one you chose.

If you never hit 5mph at all

If your vehicle never reaches the 5mph that triggers an automatic status, then no new status will be recorded. You can hit the CLOSE button to get rid of the status check popup.

If you did indicate PC or YM to be safe, you can always delete that indication from your logs later because the status was entered manually.

If you never want to see this popup again

You can turn off this feature in your app settings. Open the main menu and select Settings, then ELD. Tap the toggle at the top next to Drive Status Warning so it's gray.