Does Blue Ink Tech offer API integration?

Yes, we offer API integration to share your data with other programs or services.

What is an API Key?

An API, or application programming interface, is a set of tools that allows programs to talk to each other using "calls". To make any calls to the BIT API, you will need to request an API Key from the Blue Ink Tech web portal. The key can be requested by any administrator in your carrier, and ensures that all calls are authenticated and authorized by your carrier personnel.

BIT offers a RESTful API that sends its responses back in JSON format, and supoprts GET, POST, and PUT call type. More information and parameters for making calls using the BIT API can be found here: API Docs.


To request an API Key, you need to have an Administrator role with your carrier. Check out Managing Carrier Roles to set that up if you don't already have one.


Create a new API Key

Click on your initial in the top right corner and then click Profile Settings.

Select API from the bottom of the menu and then click the +New API Key link.


On the next screen, you can fill in the name of the software or contact who will use API key. This is optional, in case you need to keep track of multiple integrations.

Select your carrier from the drop down menu. Every key is for a single carrier, even if you are the administrator for multiple carriers. You will need to request a separate key for each carrier.

Select the Key Type that is best for your needs: 

"Read/Write" will allow other applications to request data from, and insert data into, your carrier account, like vehicles or users.

"Read Only" will only allow other applications to request data from your carrier account, but not to insert information.


Click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen to generate your key.


Your API key will be shown now in your Profile Settings under API. Give this key to your developer or third party partner who will set up the software integration.

If you have a second carrier you wish to integrate, click the "+New API Key" link and follow the same process again.