When and what does BIT Dashcam record?

Recording Settings

BIT Dashcam is designed to record whenever your vehicle's engine is running by default. In Dashcam Settings you can change this setting.

With the Record only while engine on setting turned on, your Dashcam will enter a low power mode when your vehicle's engine is turned off. The camera will wake up again when the engine is started again and be able to start recording immediately.

With the Record only while engine on setting turned off, your Dashcam will continue recording after the engine is turned off. It will use the vehicle's battery for power until battery voltage is reduced to 12.55 Volts, which could be several hours of recording. At 12.55 Volts the Dashcam will power off. When the engine is started again the Dashcam will require a 2-minute boot up period before it can start recording video.


Dashcam videos are segmented into 3-minute clips that can be downloaded to the Blue Ink Tech app or web portal for viewing, saving, and sharing.

Dashcam Event videos are 15-seconds clips that are centered around the event time and include the 7 seconds before and after the event.

Event videos are triggered by:

Driving events: Harsh braking, harsh turning, harsh acceleration, crash

Parked events: Vibration

Camera events: SIM and SD card alerts, electrical problem, power loss, driver presses camera button

Dashcam Images are still images taken by the road-facing and secondary cameras when prompted by the driver using the Blue Ink Tech app. Coming soon, carrier administrators will be able to request a Dashcam Image through the Blue Ink Tech web portal.

Recorded Hours

BIT Dashcam comes with a 256G SD Card that can hold up to 60 hours of video. When the card is full it will start to record over the oldest video files first.

No video is automatically downloaded to the app or web. You can retrieve Event videos or any regular video files that are still saved to the SD card. How long the videos will be available varies by driver and vehicle depending on how many hours they are driving and recording each day.