Send logs from the Blue Ink Tech app

How to electronically transfer your logs to the DOT during a roadside inspection

Everything you need for a safety inspection is under "Roadside Inspection" in the app's main menu. Tap the three white lines to navigate to this section of the app.

BIT ELD offers two ways of sending your logs to the DOT's database so the officer can view them. You can send your logs to the DOT Web Server, or email them to the designated email address where they are properly filed. 

Tap the green gear icon at the bottom of the screen to open the roadside menu. Tap your preferred method for sending your logs, web server or email.

The safety officer will give you a number to enter in the "Output file comment" field. This is so they can find your file in their system and quickly view it.

When ready, tap "SEND". The app will let you know when your files have been sent.

If you have any questions or issues during a roadside inspection, call BIT Tech Support at 304-381-1512, option 2.