Firmware Update for BIT17003: 9-Pins & 6-Pins

This article has the download links for updating firmware for heavy-duty ELDs.

Please check that your ELD adapter is model BIT17003 before proceeding with this firmware update process.

Your ELD should have 6 or 9 pins and have a full-size USB stick installed.


If your ELD matches the picture and description above, please continue. If your ELD doesn't match, please look at our other firmware articles to pick the correct update links.

Your BIT17004 ELD Adapter should automatically update itself while in use. If you keep the USB stick in at all times, maintain a connection between your app and ELD for more than 15 minutes, the new firmware should be fully downloaded and ready for updating the next time you power your ELD adapter.

You should only be seeking a manual firmware update if you have an Unresolved Issue for firmware in your app.


Please follow the steps below to update your BIT ELD:
  1. Remove the USB stick from the ELD adapter and plug it in to a computer where you can also get to this article.
  2. Open the USB device folder and delete any files or folders there.
  3. Download our two update files from these links:
  4. Click and drag the files to copy them to the USB device folder. Do not drill down into any other folders present on this device, but drop them in the top level folder. Once the files are there, you can remove the USB stick from the computer.
  5. Plug the USB stick back in to the ELD adapter. Then turn on the vehicle so the ELD adapter is powered. The device should update automatically in about 15 seconds. Then the adapter will go through it's normal boot up sequence and blink purple-red-white-blue and be ready to connect to the app.
  6. Check that the firmware update was successful. Wait for the app to connect to the ELD adapter. In the app, tap the three stacked lines to open the menu, then select Settings > ELD Adapter. The firmware listed on that page should now be 1.27.