Does the Blue Ink Tech app support Team Driving?

Yes, the BIT app allows co-drivers to easily manage their logs as a team.

When drivers are sharing a route, they can log in as Driver and Co-driver in the BIT app. There are some cool features that make this the best option for team driving:


  • Guided setup with easy-to-choose options

  • Drivers can share a device, or use their own separate devices, to connect to the BIT ELD adapter and record their logs

  • When sharing a device, the Co-driver can navigate the full app while the Driver is driving

  • When using separate devices, Co-driver mode prevents the wrong device from connecting to the ELD adapter and recording drive time

  • Drive time can be easily swapped between drivers

Ready to use the BIT Co-driver features? Check out our how-to articles to get started.

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