Custom IFTA Reports with GPS data

You can create single-vehicle reports with GPS coordinates to back up your IFTA filing or in case of an audit.

On the IFTA page of the Blue Ink Tech web portal, click the Export link in the left side panel.


In the Export Wizard panel, select the attributes for your report.

  1. Detail Level (GPS points* or Summary)
  2. Locations (All states or a specific state)
  3. Vehicles (All vehicles or a specific vehicle)
  4. Time Frame (This month/quarter or Last month/quarter)
  5. Save as preset (save your settings for next time)

*Reports with GPS point detail can only be exported for one vehicle at a time.

When you've selected your report attributes, hit the EXPORT XSL button. The report will be saved to your designated downloads folder. It will also likely be available in your browser downloads.

We recommend downloading this report every quarter for your records.