Recommended Samsung battery settings for BIT Air Scale

Samsung battery settings can interfere with real-time sensor readings in the BIT app. If you are having trouble calibrating or getting new readings, changing these settings can help.

Follow these steps for devices running Android 11:

Battery Optimization Settings

  1. Go to Settings on your phone or tablet

  2. Tap Apps

  3. Search for and select Blue Ink Tech, then tap Battery

  4. Disable Optimize battery usage for the Blue Ink Tech app

Sleeping App + Battery Saving Mode Settings

  1. Go to Settings on your phone

  2. Tap Battery & Device Care, then tap Battery

    1. Disable Power saving mode

  3. Tap Background usage limits

  4. Disable Put unused apps to sleep

  5. Tap Sleeping Apps: make sure Blue Ink Tech is not there

  6. Tap Deep sleeping apps: Tap More options (three vertical dots) and tap Remove apps 

  7. Tap Never sleeping apps: Add Blue Ink Tech